Validation Discount Coupons

Some downtown businesses validate parking for customers who patron their establishment. Merchants often require the purchase of goods or services before agreeing validate parking. These discount coupons can validate one or two hours of parking.

Prepaid bundles of 100 discount coupons can be purchased at our Maynard Office: 324 Maynard Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104  

Parking Fee Validation Accounts

Republic Parking System or the Downtown Development Authority may approve parking Fee Validation Accounts which permit approved organizations/individuals to pay for parking on an account basis according to the payment terms established.

To establish a validation account, a minimum number of monthly validations are required, which amount is to be determined at the sole description of Republic Parking/DDA. Request to open an account must be submitted fourteen (14) days in advance of anticipated use.

Validation Parking Agreement

For those interested in obtaining Special Event validations, please call the Republic Parking System Administrative office @ 734-761-7235

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