COVID Response

Due to the impacts on public health and safety by the novel coronavirus, we have made some operational and procedural changes to the parking operation. These changes are aligned with recommendations by the CDC. Our goal is to help prevent the spread of the virus while at the same time creating a safe means for our patrons to use our facilities while visiting vibrant downtown Ann Arbor. The safety and well-being of our dedicated staff is also a top priority. We ask that you take notice of our new posted signage and continue to practice social distancing while using the parking facilities. Below are some of the new procedures we have put in place to help keep everyone safe:

Social Distancing

  1. Signs are in place at our commonly used areas such as pay stations and elevators to remind everyone to practice safe social distancing
  2. Blue dots are painted on the pavement and sidewalks in these common areas.  these blue dots are spaced at least six feet apart to help our patrons know where to stand in proximity to others.  we ask that you stand on these when in the commonly used areas and where the blue dots are present.
  3. At our administrative office located at 324 Maynard Street, we will allow for one customer at a time. We kindly ask that if you have a question or need any assistance that you call our office at 734-761-7235 where we are happy to assist you over the phone. In the case that you must come in the office, we kindly ask that you come in wearing a face covering.


  1. Sanitizing of stair hand rails, elevator control panels, and pay stations is conducted at various times throughout the day.
  2. Our staff is focused on sanitizing their work stations each day to keep each other and our customers safe.

Personal Health

  1. To minimize the spread of the virus, our staff goes through a daily health screening to ensure that everyone on site is healthy.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  1. Our dedicated staff will now be wearing face coverings to protect themselves as well as our customers.
  2. We have installed plexiglass windows at our cashier booths and at our administrative office to provide an additional level of protection to both our staff and our customers.
  3. Hand sanitizer stations are strategically located throughout our operation including in offices and cashier booths.
  4. Staff has been trained on proper hand washing techniques and we have posted signage from the CDC at our restrooms and break rooms.
We thank you for using us for your parking needs and we are happy to serve you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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