We are excited to announce that this year we will be upgrading the Amano parking equipment to TIBA
at eight locations throughout downtown Ann Arbor. We are doing this upgrade in an effort to provide a
higher quality experience for our patrons in meeting their downtown parking needs.
We first rolled out TIBA in 2018 at the Fourth & Williams structure. Speed and reliability are some of the
key benefits that we have experienced with TIBA and we are excited to implement it throughout the rest
of our parking structures as well as the parking lot located off of S. Ashley street.
Another benefit is that patrons who use smart proximity cards will soon have the ability to use their
card at any of our parking structures. This gives our patrons more options with the same convenience of
using the smartcard payment solution.
In addition to the upgrade of equipment, we are also providing additional pay stations to many of the
locations in order to give our patrons the added convenience of payment options.
The following locations will be receiving new equipment as a part of the upgrade:

Credit Card only Pay on Foot Station
This is a pay on foot pay station that is a credit card only unit that
offers receipts, supports ticketless operations, validations, and
coupons. This solution also supports the monthly recharge option.

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