Easy Pay Parking Card

A new payment option at the 4th & Washington, Liberty Square, Library Lane and the 4th & William parking structures brought to you by the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority.

Equipment has been installed at the Fourth and Washington, Liberty Square, Library Lane and Fourth and William parking structures to use a stored value/pre-paid proximity card to access and exit the structure deducting funds from the card at the standard hourly rate.

Parking is still first come, first serve and this card does not guarantee a parking space.


Advantages of using this card:

  • Quicker speed to enter and exit versus using a credit card or paying cash at the pay machines
  • Fewer credit card transactions
  After the initial purchase, funds may be added to the card using one of the following options:
  • At any of the large walk-up pay stations located in the Fourth & Washington, Liberty Square, Library Lane and 4th & William parking structures.
  • At the Maynard office
To request a transaction register for your card, please email the Republic Parking Administration office at payment@rpsa2.com. You will need to provide the proximity card number printed on the card. This register will show all of the charges and additions to the account over the last 90 days.
Note: This card is valid at the Fourth and Washington, Liberty Square and Library Lane parking structures only. It may not be used at any other public parking facility. Easy Pay cards at the Fourth and William parking structure may only be used at that parking structure.
This card will need to be purchased from the Republic Parking office at 324 Maynard Street in Ann Arbor. When you receive the card you will be charged for the amount you want to put on the card and a $10 set up fee.

After the proximity card has been purchased from Republic Parking, you will need to present it to the reader (see image on the left) located in the entrance lanes of the parking structures

After entering the garage, you will not need the card again until you are ready to exit. When ready to exit, you will drive into any exit lane and present the card to the reader. A light will flash again and the gate will rise. The display will show the parking fee and the remaining balance on the card.

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