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New Parking Equipment at Fourth and William

Author: Stephen Bentley/Friday, February 2, 2018/Categories: News


New Parking Equipment at Fourth and William

Beginning February 12, 2018 the DDA and Republic Parking will begin the installation of new parking equipment at the 4th & William parking structure.  Much preparation and planning has taken place and we hope to have a seamless transition from old to new equipment.  TIBA brand equipment will be installed.  While TIBA is new to downtown Ann Arbor, it has been a leader in parking technology for over 30 years.  The DDA and Republic Parking are eager to try this new equipment and learn more about all the system has to offer.  The hope is that what we learn at 4th & William will help inform future equipment purchases.


Hourly Parkers

The structure will operate much like it does now.  Parkers will pull a ticket as they enter the facility, and pay before exiting.  Payment can be made at staffed cashier booths in the facility, at one of four pay on foot machines, or in lane with a credit card.  The configuration is very much like the Library Lane structure.  One difference will be the type of ticket.  Rather than the magnetic stripe tickets used now, the TIBA ticket will be a barcode printed on receipt-like paper.  At exit instead of inserting a ticket, barcode readers will read the ticket.  Again, this technology is new to Ann Arbor but not new to TIBA or other parking equipment manufactures.


Monthly Parkers

Parkers using a monthly permit should not notice a difference at all.  The permit cards currently in use will work with the new equipment.  The new equipment in the structure will not change any of the billing/invoicing procedures you are familiar with.


Validation Customers

The new TIBA equipment will allow for both full and limited validation options as are now currently in place.  The difference will be that instead of purchasing and distributing magnetic stripe ‘chaser’ tickets to use as validations, customers will purchase and use barcode labels that can be attached to a ticket and processed as a validation at either the cashier booth, pay on foot machine, or exit lane equipment.  The validation labels will be sold in quantities, and priced the same as they are now. 

Customers who have the ticket style validations in hand after the equipment switch will be able to visit the Republic Parking office on Maynard Street to switch for the new labels.  Republic Parking will have a transition period of 30 days during which both types of validations will be accepted.  However, validation customers are encouraged to make the swap as soon as possible for the convenience of their parkers.

We understand that this new equipment and validation system means that downtown merchants will have to navigate a new system that includes asking their patrons where they parked so they can be provided with the correct validation type.  We have developed informational postcard sized flyers that we are hoping can help merchants through this process. 



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