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New E-Park Installation

Author: Nick James/Wednesday, February 15, 2017/Categories: News, Parking Alerts

Republic Parking System (RPS), in an effort to continue to modernize and streamline the City of Ann Arbor’s on-street parking system, will be replacing coin-operated Duncan meters with E-Park space markers and payment stations.  Efforts in the Kerrytown area will begin Monday, February 20th.


RPS staff will be working in conjunction with their vendor to remove all Duncan meter heads and replace with new E-Park space markers and payment stations, working one block or lot at a time. Replacement efforts will begin on the 300 and 400 blocks of N Fourth, the 200 to 300 block of Kingsley, the Kerrytown lot, the 400 block of Detroit, the 200 to 400 blocks of N Fifth, finishing with the lot at Fourth and Catherine.  Staff will also be replacing machines in the lot at Main and Ann during this time.


There will be little disruption in usage of parking spaces during the install. Most spaces will remain open and available for your patrons to utilize. Once the meter heads have been replaced with space markers and E-Park payment stations have been installed, RPS staff will run a diagnostic test to ensure all is running well prior to moving onto the next section.  RPS staff will be on hand to answer any questions the pubilc might have during the transition. Parking Enforcement staff understand there will be a brief period of time when there is no way for the public to pay for parking in open spots during the active transition.  Again, these spaces will be available for the public to park, even if the changeover is active and prevents payment.


The system being installed is the same E-Park system visitors to Ann Arbor have been using throughout the city the last few years, including in the Farmer’s Market parking lot.  DDA staff is available by phone or email to answer any questions the public might have.


Thank you for your patience as this much-needed update to the parking system is made. We anticipate this will be a fairly quick process, as long as the weather happens in our favor.  As a note, the E-Park payment stations accept coins, cash, Visa, and Mastercard as payment.







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